The Covid 19 Deceptions and Abuses will continue as long as we allow it.

The perpetrators of this tyranny have no power beyond the power they exert over our thoughts. By Getting Informed, we can take back control of our thoughts.

The next step is to Get Involved, by taking action with others to undo the harm of the Covid 19 Scamdemic.

There are three main ways we can help you to Get Involved:

  1. In person Public action. For instance, we meet weekly in Portlaoise, and interact with the public via banners and signs. The biggest benefit from this is the opportunity to meet other informed people, and to learn more from them. You could join us, or join another group in another town. Even if you don’t wish to be “seen”, there is great advantage to be had by joining the group before the event just to chat and make friends with sane people!
  2. Online activism. This is really important, to let Government, The Medics, and The Media know that our eyes are open. We can put them on notice that we see their actions, and that they need to change course. Every letter, email, or social media post is very very important.
  3. Non-Compliance: The Covid mind control operation works by encouraging compliance to non-sensical symbolic acts, especially mask wearing, lockdowns, and social isolation (known as “social distancing”). All of these are tactics used in wartime as a form of psychological warfare. By engaging in non-compliance, we switch the symbolism from submission to freedom. You can do this by choosing to not wear a mask, and by politely challenging those who seek to impose social control on you.